About L'angfarm Store

L’angfarm Store is a store chain of Dalat specialties, directly founded and operated by us in order to:

  • Supply safe, attractive and high quality Dalat specialty goods.
  • Distribute goods according to defined.
  • Offer the perfect shopping experience.
  • Listen to and understand our customers.
  • Provide logistics foundation for satisfactory.

Currently, there are over 20 L'angfarm stores in Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Da Nang. More stores are coming across the country in the future in order to best serve our customers.



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Quality products

Our ingredients and partner networks are carefully selected. Manufacturing, packaging, and storage procedures are systematically executed.  Our recipes are designed to retain as much of the produce’s characteristic flavors as possible. 

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Food safety

We are aware that hygiene and safety are always the most important concerns over food. Great emphasis is placed on execution and supervision procedures, as well as making investments in equipment and facilities.

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Clear origins

L’angfarm is one among very few brands of Vietnam specialty products with sufficient documentation of product origin, food safety, and quality publication. We always say no to goods of unknown origin. 

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Made from farm produce

Farm produce has always been acknowledged to be a strong point of Dalat, our hometown. This is a rich source of inspiration for us to draw upon and create the most flavorful products of the highest quality for your peace of mind. 

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Attractive packaging

Buying regional specialties as gifts for friends and families is a lovely tradition in Vietnam and East Asia. We are always working hard to ensure that L’angfarm products are worthy of the affection in that gesture, from appearance to quality. 

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Reasonable pricing

We believe that prices are determined by the entire supply chain’s operational efficiency and business operating scale. This forms the basis for L’angfarm to be able to offer Dalat specialty products of high quality at reasonable price. 



L’angfarm is the leading brand of Dalat specialties. We offer processed agricultural products of high quality. L’angfarm’s product lines include:

  • Tea bag: artichoke tea, sweet herb tea, ginger tea, and other tea.
  • Loose leaf tea: Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, other tea.
  • Herbs: Dried artichoke buds, artichoke extract, and other herbs.
  • Coffee: Arabica coffee, robusta coffee, and other coffee.
  • Jam and concentrate fruit: Strawberry jam, mulberry jam, and raspberry extract.
  • Dried fruit, vegetable: Dried sweet potato, dried banana, dried persimmon, dried mango, and other dried fruit, vegetable.
  • Fruit, vegetable snack: Dried jackfruit, dried taro, dried banana, dried mixed fruit, and other fruit, vegetable snack.
  • Specialty confectionery: Sugar-coated strawberry candy, sugar-coated mulberry candy, strawberry-flavoured jelly candy, and other candies.
  • Nut: Cashews, peanuts and other nut.
  • Other specialty: Honey, fermented wine rice, Dalat wine, instant tea, and other specialties.

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Shopping area

We believe that shopping is an experience. The L’angfarm Store chain ensures our customers the perfect shopping area, dedicated consultation, carefully monitored prices, and satisfactory after-sales services. 




Shop in store

20 L’angfarm chain stores in Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Da Nang. 

Shop online

L’angfarm’s official e-commerce website, shipping nationwide.

Shop via telephone

Contact the hotline: 1900 9065 to receive shopping consultation.